When to Post on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media site that’s certainly fun and beneficial to anyone that’s ready for fame, popularity, and excitement on the web. As the second biggest social networking platform used today, Instagram has over 300 million daily users who’ve come to upload and share their best photos and content with others and get the conversations about themselves or their business started. If you wish to maximize the number of likes, comments, and shares on your photos, it is important that you are posting frequently enough and at the right times.

The Stats Don’t Lie

A Union Metrics study found that about two-thirds of all brands using Instagram post at least once per day, with an average of 1.5 posts daily. The same study found that brands who posted to their IG page more than twice per day didn’t see any negative drawbacks to those posts, so long as they provided the audience quality, engaging content.  Infrequent posting, however, can be detrimental to your brand and good standing in the social networking world. Out of sight, out of mind – and there is never a doubt that another company is there to pick up your slack.

So, set a goal to post at least once daily to Instagram, although more is always fine. Find a posting schedule that works well for your needs. Remember, nothing matters more than quality content. But now that you know the right frequency to post on IG, it is time to learn the best times to post. Yes, there are better times to post on IG than others if you want the most engagement from the post. When you learn the right times to post and strive to create content during these time periods, you’re doing great things for your brand.

Post Content at This Time

A total of 16 social media studies conducted by CoSchedule reports the best times to post your content is Monday or Thursday of the week. To narrow it down even further, the best hours to post is between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Eastern time.  Sneak in an Instagram post before the first business meeting of the day and you’ve gotten things off to the right start with your audience. The right time to post your content may be different than the statistics. It is always best to use analytical information from your posts to determine when to post to gain the most engagement from your audience.

Find Success on Instagram

You can get Instagram followers instantly if you post the right content, stay relevant in the minds of your followers, and post at the right times. Use the information above, in conjunction with followers you buy from a company and other marketing techniques, to generate the best response from your Insta account. Instagram is a popular site that has great potential for your marketing needs. Don’t miss out on the amazing fun and potential that you’re offered when using Instagram to market your brand.

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